Touring Kanagawa and the Toukaidou Highway with ukiyo-e and picture postcards

Introduction of the Exhibition

The start of the Meiji era saw the rise of picture postcards to provide visual information about sightseeing spots in place of the ukiyo-e that were popular in the Edo period. This exhibition shows various ukiyo-e and picture postcards of sightseeing spots in Kanagawa Prefecture such as Enoshima, the Great Buddha of Kamakura, from the Meiji to the Showa eras. By comparing them, visitors can see the changes in famous spots and landscapes as well as the differences in the focuses of tourism in each age.

53 Stations of the Toukaido

Kanagawa, Hodogaya, Totsuka, and Fujisawa, from the series “Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido Highway”


Views of Famous Places of the Toukaidou

Enoshima Island

Enoshima Island

Spacial exhibition

Miya, from the series “ Toukaidou ”