Sagami Region and Japan from the Bird’s-eye View: The Lineage of Bird’s-eye View

Introduction of the Exhibition

Yoshida Hatsusaburou was known as the “Hiroshige of Taisho era”. He often illustrated maps and pictures in travel guide books and known as the artist of bird’s-eye view pictures. In the exhibition, the bird’s-eye view pictures of Sagami region and famous places of Japan will be displayed. Since this year is the 150th year from the start of the Meiji period, the masterpieces from the early Meiji period, Hiroshige III’s series “Famous Places along Toukai: Chronicle of the Renewed Journey” will be displayed. (The scenes on display will be changed during the exhibition.)

53 Stations of the Toukaido

Artist:Utagawa HiroshigeⅢ
Nihonbashi, from the series, “Famous Places along Toukai: Chronicle of the Renewed Japan”: Telegraph Office


Artist:Utagawa Sadahide
The Toukaidou: Fujisawa, Yugyouji Temple

Enoshima Island

Artist:Sawa Sekkyou
The Perspective Picture: The Load Minamoto-no-Yoritomo Free the Cranes at Tsurugaoka Shrine

Spacial exhibition

Artist:Yoshida Hatsusaburou
The famous places of Kamakura and Enoshima island