Pictures and maps of Fujisawa and Sagami region

Introduction of the Exhibition

In this exhibition, the pictures and maps of Fujisawa and Sagami region, and the related ukiyo-e works will be introduced.
Not just the geographical features, but maps eloquently tell us the history of land. Let’s look at the maps with information such as the way each map was used, the changes in the names of places with time, the transition of borders, legends of the region, and the incidents or phenomena took place on the land. Enjoy exploring the history of the land emerged through maps.

Special Exhibition Section: In this section, the history of Fujisawa city and Sagami Province from Edo to Showa period will be introduced with various picture diagrams, maps and other pictorial ukiyo-e materials.

Fifty-three Stations of the Toukaidou Highway Section: In this section, focusing on the pictures of Kanagawa prefecture, ukiyo-e works from the great series, known as “Gyouretsu Toukaidou” (lit. The Processional Toukaidou), produced at the late Edo period with 162 pictures will be exhibited.

Fujisawa Post Station Section: The story of Oguri Hangan, a character deeply related to Fujisawa, will be focused in this section.

Enoshima Island Section: In this section, the landscapes of the coast of Enoshima Island will be focused. The changes in the ways these landscapes are depicted from Edo to Showa period, and the transitions in the forms of tourism will be the themes of this exhibition.

53 Stations of the Toukaido

Hiratuska, from the series “Toukaidou”


Oguri Kojirou Sukeshige, from the series “Comparison of the Famous Horses and Heroic Warriors”

Enoshima Island

Hazy Morning Sunlight at Enoshima Island, from the series Eight Views of Famous Places

Project Exhibition

Picture of Sagami Province Earthquake