The Link between “The Tale of Oguri-Hangan” and Yugyouji Temple

Introduction of the Exhibition

“The Tale of Oguri Hangan” is the legend still told in Fujisawa. The tale is illustrated in ukiyo-e in various of ways including illustrated as the performances of kabuki plays. The exhibition will introduce the various stories of Oguri Hangan that were created during Edo period. The ukiyo-e works that demonstrate the imprinted image of “Speaking of Fujisawa post station, Oguri Hangan is the famous figure” in Edo people’s mind will also be exhibited.

53 Stations of the Toukaido

Fujisawa, from the series Fifty-three Stations of the Toukaidou (Travel along the Toukaidou with Kyouka Poems)


Yotsuya rest spot in Fujisawa, from the series “Fifty-three Stations of the Toukaidou Highway”

Enoshima Island

The Birth of Enoshima Picture scroll

Spacial exhibition

Oguri Hangan Sukeshige’s Ride on a Horse Onikage at the Residence of Yokoyama