東海道名所ノ内 由井ヶ浜
Name Yui-ga-hama Beach, from the series “The Famous Places of the Toukaidou”
Times Edo Period
Use O-ban polychrome print
Artist: Utagawa Sadahide
Production date: 1863 (Bunkyu 3)

This is one of the series of “Jouraku Toukaidou (Samurai’s procession along the Toukaidou Highway)”. Inamura-ga-saki Cliff, Koshigoe, Enoshima Island, Hakone Mountain Range, Futago-dake Mountain, Shimoda and finally Mt. Fuji are illustrated with the names of the places, and they are illustrated from the angle of the First Torii Gate of Tsuru-ga-oka Hachimangu Shrine located at Yui-ga-hama. This can be possible by Sadahide, who was good at the bird’s eye view depiction of famous places. In the middle, trees separate the picture and creates a fresh composition. The man standing by the beach is considers as the Shogun Tokugawa Iemochi, although as the work no.40 he never visited this place, and Minamoto no Yoritomo, who had a connection to this place, became the image source of this picture.