東海道張交図会 見附 浜松 舞坂(山藤版)
Name Mitsuke, Hamamatsu, and Maisaka, from the series “Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido Highway”
Times Edo Period
Use O-ban polychrome print
Utagawa Hiroshige

‘Mitsuke’ illustrates a crane according to the story of Minamoto no Yoritomo releasing a thousand cranes into the wild.
‘Hamamatsu’ illustrates the dancing of Yuya Gozen, a love interest of Taira no Munemori.
‘Maisaka’ illustrates Imagire no Watashi at Lake Hamana-ko in snowy weather.

Hiroshige produced many series of prints based on the Toukaidou Highway, and he also produced the different styles of work as this one. It is generally called “The Toukaidou with Harimaze-e (Paste the mixed pictures.)”, and three to five pictures of landscapes of post stations, local specialties and episodes or stories related to the places are illustrated in a single sheet.