Name Crowd of Pilgrims Gathered at the Enoshima Benzaiten for the Kaichou Ceremony
Times Edo Period
Use O-ban polychrome triptych
Utagawa Kunisato

1856 (Ansei 3)
Publisher: Maruya Seijirou

In this picture a lively excitement of the kaichou ceremony of Enoshima Benzaiten that took place at Eidai-ji Temple of Fukagawa, of Edo (present day: Tokyo) is illustrated. In 1856, the actual kaichou ceremony took place in a stormy day and the records suggest there were very few visitors since some of the temporal food or souvenir booths along the path for the shrine were torn down. However, this work was published before the actual ceremony, expecting the forthcoming kaichou ceremony, thus the imaginary crowd is illustrated.