Name True View of Mt. Fuji
Times Edo Period
Use 91.4 x 95.4cm
Artist: Utagawa Sadahide
1848 (Kaei 1)

Known for his premier composition with bird’s-eye view, Sadahide produced many works illustrating Mt. Fuji, and in this work he depicts Mt. Fuji viewing from the right above the crater. If viewers take a closer look at the crater, there is another paper folded in and if it is pulled out, it unfolded three-dimensionally. Also, at the left side of image by the foot of Mt. Fuji, another paper is attached. If one turns over it, a cave appears and people walking inside of the cave are illustrated. The scene illustrated here is the one of the climbing trails of Mt. Fuji “Tainai※1Meguri”, and it was very popular at that time.

Utagawa Sadahide
Bunka 4~ date of death unknown (1807~)
Sadahide was a pupil of Kunisada I, active during Bunsei 9 to Meiji 8 (1826-1875). He exhibited his works at the Paris World Exposition that took place in Keio 2, and became the representative ukiyo-e artist in the exhibition. He won a first prize at the ranking of popular artists in Meiji 1.